Posted by kahpeng on 20th July 2008


Send FREE SMS to Singapore



[button link=”” color=”red”]Singtel Web SMS[/button]



[snap url=”” alt=”Starhub Web SMS” w=”400″ h=”300″]
[button link=”” color=”green”]Starhub Web SMS[/button]



[snap url=”” alt=”M1 Web SMS” w=”400″ h=”300″]
[button link=”” color=”orange”]M1 Web SMS[/button]

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  2. apek_scarlow says:

    this aplication may be download or no

  3. sharma8 says:

    hi..everthing seems fine.10q….can i to block my contact num from sms receiver to view it.

  4. kahpeng says:

    @sharma8: Unfortunately, this FREE SMS service don’t allow to block your contact number. Anyway, this is a good thing also because your friend can reply directly to your phone number.

  5. kahpeng says:

    @apek_scarlow: No, you can’t download because this is only FREE web SMS which means you can only send this from web. Remember to bookmark this site and come back visit for updates!

  6. iCalvyn says:

    this application seen to be great

  7. kahpeng says:

    @iCalvyn: Yeah, I’m using these to send SMS back to my parents in Malaysia :P

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