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Posted by kahpeng on 6th June 2011

Kingston Wi-Drive: Storage Solution for Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad

Kingston recently announce their new product called as Wi-Drive to support the increasing needs for storage solution on Apple devices such as Apple iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Apple users now can store their documents, images, music and video at Wi-Drive and access the files later from their Apple devices.
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Posted by kahpeng on 3rd June 2011

Yoshion Apple Peel 520 II (2nd Generation)

Previously, Yoshion come out with 1st generation of Apple Peel 520 where it looks more similiar to iPhone 3G/3GS and supporting 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation of iPod Touch. However, now Yoshion come out in their new product line with Yoshion Apple Peel 520 II (2nd generation) where it looks almost similar to iPhone 4G. This also means only iPod Touch 4th generation are supported. Take a look more specifications and details below.

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Posted by kahpeng on 11th March 2011

How to embed Powerpoint(ppt) or Excel(xls) to Your Website or Blog

Do you know that you can share your PowerPoint slides or Excel calculation, chart or etc on your website or blog? This method requires you to login to SkyDrive and upload your files into your account before you can share and embed your files anywhere you want.

Refer to the slides below.

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Posted by kahpeng on 21st October 2010

Yoshion Apple Peel 520: iPod Touch becomes iPhone?

[img src via Engadget]

Calling all iPod Touch owners, now you can also make calls and send sms like iPhone!! Great isn’t it?

Okay, what is this Yoshion Apple Peel 520 actually? It’s actually like a casing look-alike thing that allows you to slot in your iPod Touch. It also includes a 800mAh battery and provides 4.5 hours of call time or 120 hours of standby time. Just slot in your local sim card and then follow by your iPod Touch, you’re good to go. While this thing is good to exist as my friend already met the local supplier and watched the real demo, looks nice though.

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