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Posted by kahpeng on 16th September 2011

AMD FX sets Guinness World Records for fastest CPU

AMD has just set another Guinness World Records using AMD FX CPU’s with overclocking it’s speed to a crazy 8.429GHz. This is a world record for fastest CPU, but to achieve this overclocking speed, you need a good and crazy cooling system using Helium liquid. It’s a nice achievement after all. The CPU was running at an icy cold -235 degrees C to achieve the record.

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Posted by kahpeng on 15th September 2011

Intel announce Thunderbolt is coming to PC soon!

Intel just announced that Thunderbolt will be coming soon for PC users. You don’t need to buy Mac just to get the Thunderbolt I/O port. If you don’t know, Thunderbolt actually is a collaboration with Intel :) So, just wait if you’re not in rush to get a Thunderbolt port ready computer.

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Posted by kahpeng on 8th July 2011

iPhone SLR Mount? It’s REAL !!

If you think that it’s a laughing matter to mount a SLR lens to your iPhone? Think again before you laugh because it’s REAL now!!

For photographers, they know that Diana adapter already exist for SLR mount. Now, it’s another ‘new’ thing for you to play around. However, currently they only have Canon and Nikon mount, sorry for the other brands photographer.
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Posted by kahpeng on 7th July 2011

Transform Old Leica Camera into Digital Leica Camera?

How is it possible to transform an old Leica camera into a new digital Leica camera? Sounds crazy, right? But it’s not difficult for Leica fans to do such transformation. Watch the video slideshow of images taken during the camera developement. By using Lumix FX70 14MP camera as the ‘heart’ for this old 1938 Leica, the new mixture of old and new design camera is now completed.
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