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Posted by kahpeng on 8th July 2011

iPhone SLR Mount? It’s REAL !!

If you think that it’s a laughing matter to mount a SLR lens to your iPhone? Think again before you laugh because it’s REAL now!!

For photographers, they know that Diana adapter already exist for SLR mount. Now, it’s another ‘new’ thing for you to play around. However, currently they only have Canon and Nikon mount, sorry for the other brands photographer.
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Posted by kahpeng on 29th October 2010

[Video] Mount Merapi Eruption Java Indonesia 2010

*Pic source from The Star

Mount Merapi, Indonesia’s most volatile volcano, is again spewing clouds of hot ash and debris. There have been no new reports of injuries or damage.

The latest rumblings of Mount Merapi – which has tallied 33 deaths since it sprang back to life early this week – come as rescuers coped with a rising death toll from a tsunami in another part of the sprawling archipelago nation.
– quoted from The Star

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Posted by kahpeng on 14th July 2009

Giant Gundam Robot in Tokyo


When the first time I look at this picture after reading about the news, I was like OMG! How the hell the Japanese so crazy and build this giant Gundam robot ? It’s being reported that this giant Gundam robot is 59 feet tall. Recently, they switched on the lights for the Gundam robot after everything is completed. Check out the night view of the Gundam robot and also video below.

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Posted by kahpeng on 16th February 2009

Abandoned Koala Soaking in Bucket!

Saw this picture from Gallery on website. This koala is abandoned and found by good samaritans. Imagine how hot the weather during the summer until the koala wanted to take a soak in the water ? :P Hehe…