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Posted by kahpeng on 27th March 2009

iGoogle New Theme: Games!

Photo Credit: CrunchGear

Photo Credit: CrunchGear

Recently Google has released a new theme option for iGoogle, which is  Games. There are 4 pages of Games under iGoogle theme for you to choose from in the gallery at the time this article is  written. So, if you’re into Games or you want to change a new look to your  iGoogle theme, why not try some of the famous Games themes below :-
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Posted by kahpeng on 26th May 2008

kahpeng@Australia – The Battle of Time Crisis 4!


Nothing much, just another random old crap post. Photo taken using my game phone few months back in February :P Actually there’s nothing funny in the picture, just I think it’s special because Desmond and Benjamin, both my housemates are playing Time Crisis 4 where they wore their shirt color similar to the player color :P Hehehe

Posted by kahpeng on 16th December 2007

Why do I hate MapleStory nowadays?

The screenshot above was taken when I login my character and leveling during the 2X EXP during school vacation. There was one player asked me for help and I kindly rejected him and see his replies to me in the image above. The players nowadays are so fake, if you help them = friend, otherwise they will scold you like an @sshole. The players are so rude and too childish. All spending a lot of money to buy cash and used for double experience card for leveling. This is not a healthy lifestyle, spending too much money into something not concrete.
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Posted by kahpeng on 24th September 2007

GMSummerProm from AuditionSEA!

Sorry for being on hiatus for almost 1 month without any post here from the results of 2 combination BUSY + LAZY. Anyway, this post also regarding games :P For those AuditionSEA players out there who never seen a GM before, here’s a screenshot of it.
(Note: I know it’s not a big deal to those seen GM before, so please no flaming here XD)

Notice the partner for this GM is another GM named GMHipHop XD
Btw, someone please look at the DEN!!! 890,101,311 ? WOW :P