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Posted by kahpeng on 18th July 2011

Burger King $1 CROISSANWICH Turkey Ham

Burger King is back! Now with $1 for Burger King CROISSANWICH Turkey Ham! BUT….only available for the first 200 customers per store per day during the breakfast hour (8am – 11am) from 21st to 25th July 2011. Don’t miss out! Check out the promotion voucher below.
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Posted by kahpeng on 19th February 2009

NEW: Dominos Pasta in a Puff Bowl

Few days ago, I received an envelope sent to our house address for VIP Customer. After I read the letter (as you can see below), I know that there’s a new Pasta in a Puff Bowl from Dominos with 3 different choices; Vege Primavera, Beed Napolitana and Chicken Carbonara. I bought the Chicken Carbonara and have it a try =P

The Letter

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Posted by kahpeng on 24th May 2008

kahpeng@Australia – The Incredible BIG Chicken Thigh

Haha, this might sound a little boring already if you read my blog since last year or since I started to post things happening in Australia. Why? Because this is the 3rd post about big chicken thigh, you can read about the older post at the bottom of this page, under “Related Post”. Anyway, I post about big chicken thigh because lately when I shop for the house grocery shopping, I bought some really BIG chicken thigh, why so BIG ? I have no idea.


Take a look at the pictures, the chicken thigh is as big as a plate!! If you want a better comparison, take a look the another picture below because I’m comparing the BIG chicken thigh with a knife :P

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Posted by kahpeng on 10th January 2008

kahpeng@Australia – I Love Tomatoes

Anyone like to eat tomatoes ? If yes, what types of tomatoes you like to eat ? Grape or Cherry Tomatoes ? There was like about two to three weeks I ate tomatoes until I’m afraid of the taste and smell. Scary or not ? Believe me, no matter how great tomato eater you are, if you work in tomato farm where you can get lots and lots of tomatoes to eat, you will give up eating tomatoes for sometime.

Remember I said something earlier when I post about broccolini ? I said that, if you work at any farm, you can get the harvest for free. That post was about broccolini, this post is about tomatoes. Short details about how am I being paid for the tomato picking job. I will be paid $9.8 for 1 bucket of cherry tomatoes and $12 for 1 bucket of grape tomatoes.
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