Posted by kahpeng on 16th December 2007

Why do I hate MapleStory nowadays?

The screenshot above was taken when I login my character and leveling during the 2X EXP during school vacation. There was one player asked me for help and I kindly rejected him and see his replies to me in the image above. The players nowadays are so fake, if you help them = friend, otherwise they will scold you like an @sshole. The players are so rude and too childish. All spending a lot of money to buy cash and used for double experience card for leveling. This is not a healthy lifestyle, spending too much money into something not concrete.

What if one day the game company goes bankrupt, all the effort, time and money you spend for the character in the game also GONE! If the players do things seriously in their work or something more useful, I will be happy for them. My advise is do not take things seriously in game, especially online games.

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  1. jono says:

    its made for children and not intended for big people to play

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