Posted by kahpeng on 10th November 2007

Optus Always Win: Season 1



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Okay, here is a simple post about current promotion from Optus, Always Win. Actually, today Desmond, KoDoMo and I just went for grocery shopping and on the way back, I bought a $30 recharge card for my phone. After I entered the voucher number, I receive an SMS from Optus saying that I won a prize for recharging and to claim the prize, I need to visit & enter the unique number I received to get my prize. At first I’m worry that this will be another mobile scam like Christina experienced earlier.

When I reach home, I entered the website and I follow steps by steps to collect my prize. After I entered my phone number and unique number, I need to accept the terms & conditions on the second step. Later on, I need to click on a button so that Wazza, the wombat will jump into the pool and pick my prize randomly. Unlucky me, I get only 20 SMS text =P

There a lot of prizes I have chance to win but I don’t know why I am not lucky enough =P The prizes are as below:-

* = New prize added!

  • *Wallpaper (Your choice of 50)
  • *Ringtone (Your choice of 50)
  • Rev-Up Bonus Credit ($6, $10, $15, $20, $50)
  • Pre-Paid Money ($10, $15, $20, $25, $30)
  • Rev-Up Texts (x10, x15, x20, x25, x30)
  • Pre-Paid Texts (x20, x30, x40, x50, x60)
  • Rev-Up Texts ($10, $20, $30, $40, $50)
  • Star Gift Voucher (Movie ticket for use in Village, Greater Union or Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinemas valued at $15.50 each.)
  • iPod Shuffle Valued at $109
  • Nintendo Wii Valued at $399
  • Nokia 1208 Valued at $69.
  • Motorola W375 Valued at $99.
  • Samsung C520 Valued at $99.
  • Sony W200i Valued at $129.
  • Nokia 2630 Valued at $149.
  • LG KG290 Valued at $149.
  • Nokia 5300 Valued at $179.
  • Nokia 6300 Valued at $199.
  • Motorola K1 Valued at $199.
  • Nokia 6288 Valued at $249.
  • Sony K800i Valued at $299.
  • Sony DVD Camera Valued at $699.
  • Samsung 40 Plasma TV Valued at $2,499

Can you imagine so many great prizes but indeed I don’t get any ? Hahaha… Sad le. If anyone of you staying at Australia and using Optus Prepaid, faster reload and try your luck :D Read the steps below how to enter the promotion.

How To Play
1 Simply recharge your Optus or Boost prepaid mobile with $30 or more
2 Then you need to have agreed with the tems & conditions
3 Next, find Wazza the wombat around the pool scene
4 Click the “Jump in Pool” option for Wazza to show you your prize
5 Follow the prompts to claim your prize

Promotion commences on 1/11/07 and closes at 11.59pm AEDST on 29/02/08. Try your luck today! For your information, this is not any paid post or review, I just want to share the information about this contest going on from Optus. Good Luck everyone!

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  1. Helena Dempsey says:

    I have recharged 2 times in the last week and the prizes that I have won were two free text. How do I check if I have receive thr prizes or not and what mobile network do I get to send my free texts to?

  2. kahpeng says:

    Helena : You should receive text from Optus with message like

    “Congratulations! Your XX Texts has been applied to your account. Don’t forget to recharge $30 or more to always win.”

    You can always login to your account and check at After you login, go to My Mobile > My Prepaid Balance, there should be a new sub-title “Rev Up Text” under your “MyTime Balance” and showing how many balance SMS.

    Regarding what mobile network, Optus Prize page stated :-
    “Can be used to text any mobile phone that permits text messaging irrespective of the Australian network the mobile is signed to. Valid for 7 days once credit applied.”

    Hope that my information is useful to you =D

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  4. Evanthoula says:

    it doenst come up with anything that i can type in. does that mean that it hasnt loaded properly? though every time it loads, the same thing comes up.. please help me

  5. kahpeng says:

    Evanthoula : I think you have to choose HTML version during the loading page for

  6. Kim says:

    It seems that I am luckier, I win $100 today, and the expire date is 15/12/2007. But actually, I don’t konw how to use this money, I mean, what can I do with them?

  7. kahpeng says:

    croc : Sorry maybe my English is poor, end up make you think that you can actually choose the prize! Haha… how I wish =P Anyway you already luckier than me because you won $10 credit. Yeah you are correct about your typo, it should be 1 week/7 days only. I suggest you can use the FREE credit to talk to your loved ones over the phone since it’s gonna expired if you just leave it like that. Thanks for your compliment.

    Regarding the search results from Google, I noticed about it because the page views is increasing and on the day I posted about this promotion, my site visitors for Australian is more than 50% =P I guess maybe I am the first one to post about this promotion ? Anyway, thanks and feel free to visit my site.

  8. kahpeng says:

    Kim : Wow, gratz Kim to win $100 today. Actually, you can use the $100 credit as your normal Optus credit which means you can use to call/text local/overseas. (correct me if I am wrong because I am not Optus sales person, LOL =P) Anyway, the same case as Croc, you can try to use your $100 credit as soon as you can because the FREE credit is only valid for 1 months. That is the sad part although you win $100.

    Anyway, back to your credit issue, if your $100 FREE credit finish before the expire date, only your original recharge credit will be deducted, otherwise all your calls/texts will deduct from your FREE $100 credit. Gratz again and hope to hear anyone win phones to post comment here =D

  9. kahpeng says:

    croc : Yeah, I am sad too, the waiting part when we looking at the prizes slowing down and finally STOP! Aww… lousy prize, haha =P There are so many phones to be won. Hope we get better luck next time. Anyway just want to let you know I have been getting prank call from Anonymous… swt, I am thinking to re-edit the first image above. There’s my phone number inside if you look carefully.

    I answered the call a few times and getting frustrated. Any idea I can trace who is the caller ? Hope to hear from anyone staying at Australia ? Sigh… some peoples are too free and nothing to do.

  10. croc says:

    @kahpeng: That’s a real mobile number? Defiantly remove it (black it out). And that wasn’t me pranking you lol. Still any prize is better than no prize. I won Halo 2 for xbox 360 a long while back. This $10 credit is my only other prize win from Optus since then :) (I didn’t have an xbox so I gave it to a friend)

  11. kahpeng says:

    croc : Sorry about the spam filter thing. I checked the list, I dunno why your domain smileyjungle went into the blacklist. Earlier I read your comment before my reply on comment no.9 but don’t know why now, it’s dissapear, I guess your comment auto deleted.

    Yeah of course that’s a real mobile number, the images you can see above are screenshots taken by me when I entered my mobile number and claiming the free prize. Otherwise where do you think I can show you the images ? As I said earlier, I am not any salesperson for Optus, LOL =P That’s so kind of you to gave your Halo 2 to your Xbox friend, hehe.

  12. marty says:

    my mum deleted the sms with the code!! is there a way to get it resent???

  13. kahpeng says:

    marty : I am not sure but you can try call 1300 559 507 to check from Optus. This number is shown when I tried to enter the same code twice, it says that if I believe the code is correct, I should contact the number I give above.

    So, you try your luck contact Optus on the number. Hope that helps you, again I would like to say that I am not any representative from Optus, therefore I can’t give any correct information.

  14. rita says:

    i won 60 sms !!! but it’s really jibby!! when i send an sms it eats through my “free text” that i get with my original prepaid plan instead of eating through the 60 i won. so in order for me to use the 60 free sms’s i have to first use up my 20 original free sms.

  15. Sean says:

    Hey guys,

    if you need any more information on the Always win campaign or what to check out some additional information and/or content associated with the campaign then you can visit the social media release at:

    Good luck guys – really great to hear that you’re winning!



  16. Vn says:

    Guess what! unlucky me only get 20 free Text mesg:(

  17. kahpeng says:

    rita : oh i see. that will be a new information to share to other Optus prepaid users :D because i’m not using prepaid plan that comes with free text “originally” therefore i don’t know. thanks for sharing!

  18. kahpeng says:

    Sean : yeah, thanks Sean for the information about the websites and good to know you :D

    Vn : Gimme 5! You win the same prize as me, hahaha… both of us are unlucky :D

  19. kahpeng says:

    Check out this is my friend’s prize, 30 free text, even MORE than me!! LOL :D

  20. rita says:

    i emailed optus, and apparently the free sms’s only apply to optus prepaid or boost prepaid numbers. Too bad, cos i only know 1 other person on prepaid. Guess who’s gonna recieve 60 spam sms’s!!

  21. xxxxxxxzzzzzzzz says:

    i cnt clik da wombat on my computa so i cnt colect my prize ???????

  22. Ash says:

    i won 30x free texts, which is good because a lot of my friends are on other networks that i don’t get free texts to.

  23. kahpeng says:

    rita : I’m not sure what you trying to say. Do you mean the free sms can only be send out to other prepaid users ? Anyone experienced the same thing ? Because I didn’t keep track of the free sms that I spent, I know that I used quite a lot to send to my other friend on prepaid as well.

  24. kahpeng says:

    xxxxxxxzzzzzzzz : I am not sure what happen to your internet browser or computer. Maybe you should try visit the optus website again and re-enter the code you have.

    Ash : Free 30 text ? Congrats because better than my prize, hehe. Spend it wisely before your 1 week expiry date. =D

  25. kahpeng says:

    My friend, Desmond get the prize above. We are brothers from another mother =P

    My other housemate, KoDoMo won the prize above! He is not my brothers, hahaha….even the prize he won also more than me!

  26. alan roy says:

    when i get my free prize, does that mean Optus will keep on sending me follow ‘junk mail’ via sms and charge me $5 or more to read??? It’s happened before with other companies re ring tones etc… once bitten twice shy…. send my prize to my gold coast address pls

  27. alana lacey says:

    i just joined the pool party three times and i recieved and got one hundred and fourty sms thats all every one seems to be getting oh well i guess thats better than nothing for a change

  28. rita says:

    kahpeng: yes, thats correct. The optus person said the free sms’s can only be sent to other optus prepaid/boost numbers. And i can confirm that cos i smsed someone on a prepaid number and it deducted from the sms’s that i won, but other sms’s i sent that arent on optus prepaid didnt use up the free sms’s.

  29. kahpeng says:

    alan roy : I believe Optus will not send ‘junk sms’, they only send u the confirmation of what prize you have won. Anyway, regarding you asked send ur prize to gold coast, I’m not sure what you try to mean =D By the way, Optus is sending you your prize, NOT =P

  30. kahpeng says:

    alana lacey : Wow, three times ? 140 sms ? That’s a lot. So the expiry date also 1 week ? Can you use ’em all ? =P Anyway, congratz it’s reward from Optus to prepaid users like us =D

  31. kahpeng says:

    rita : Thanks for confirming them. We got new information to share to everyone now. Good day!

  32. William says:

    Yesshh this optus always win promotional campaign is wonderful…… i jus recharged $30 at woolworths today and i got $100 Rev-Up Bonus and then 20 free txts as well!!!! woot go optuss buhaha x) only bad side to it is that it only lasts for a month, a shame eh… ohwell, time to txt like crazzzy =P

  33. carey jarrett says:

    what did i win

  34. Catnas says:

    -_-” Hey U guy, don’t U know that U guy can not win any prize more than Call Credits, Free Text and Download Credits.

    No way U can win mobile phone, IPOD, or any physical things on the list.

    And no way U can win BIG prize. I can say 100% for sure
    Spam prize! So don’t hope so much……….

    Cat Meow Meow!

  35. sweety says:

    Isnt this funny? Why is everyone receiving only free sms and nothing else? And I dont have any friends using optus prepaid and my free sms is not useful to me. Whenever I send sms to other friends it deducts from the normal sms count and not the free ones. It is just a simple sales trick from optus. We users dont actually gain anything..

  36. kahpeng says:

    Catnas / sweety : I am not sure as well, maybe there are some that win phones and etc but only small number and those people didn’t visit my website before ? =D Who knows? Anyway, I hope all the Optus prepaid users out there get better prizes. Good Luck!

  37. Elizabeth says:

    Hey there, I must have been one of the first to recharge when this comp. started and I won a little iPod. Great! you would think but not so. I did everything I was surposed to but the thing never arrived. I rang the ‘propper’ numbers and the girl said yes, it was me, I had won an iPod and she checked my address etc. Ok! So that was beginning of November. It’s almost Christmas and I would like my little iPod. I rang again. No they have never heard of me, have no record of my entry, no record of my phone, the code I won it under doesn’t show up. And I scoffed when people said it was a scam. Yes I’ve had some free texts and yes you have to use up what you have before you can get to it and they always expire really quickly so you don’t really get much. It is just another way to get us. I will soon have spent more money on phone calls to Optus about the prize than the thing is worth. Yes they say they will call me back but don’t. Wingy. Arn’t I. Just thinking of going to another company with my three phones. So their false advertising will do the job that false ads always do. Gets people’s ‘paddies’ up so the company will lose customers.

  38. courts says:

    ok so i recharged ages ago and got 60 free sms… anyway today i checked my balance and it sed i had like $100 rev up balance.. and i dont remember winning it?

  39. jackie says:

    im grateful for what ive won so far.. $10 and $15 worth of credit.. but why does it last only 7 days. it should be like 2 weeks to a month. any way i wont complain because im happy with what i’ve got. i was just wondering, do people ever win the ipods and phones or cameras,… it feels as if your ripping us off by only getting texts and that… like you’ve riged it so no one wins the good prizes.. any way.. thank you for what ive won anyway… thanks…

  40. jessica says:

    i really need a good prize i never get enything good but who cares, i really like my phone thank you for helping me with my phone and stuff

  41. jessica says:

    cool web site i love getting free stuff it brightens my day

  42. John says:

    I had no idea what I was doing, but the wombat eventually jumped in the pool, and I got $50 that I needed to spend in a week, which is better than nothing I guess.

  43. kahpeng says:

    Elizabeth : Sorry to hear that. This is my first time I hear your side of story. I don’t know anything about Optus advertising and management thing. Maybe it’s a misunderstand or mistake, I’m not sure. Hopefully they can come out with something to solve the problem. Cheers. Happy New Year!

  44. kahpeng says:

    courts : Regarding your $100 rev up bonus, I think it’s your first recharge bonus ? I do get it before. Anyway, it’s a good thing, FREE $100 credit for 1 month. Congrats. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  45. kahpeng says:

    jackie : Normally for $10 / $15 credit or 15 or 20 FREE text, i think normally it will be only for about 1 week period. But my friend, Desmond won 60 FREE text and he get 2 weeks period to use up all the FREE text he won. So, I believe Optus will adjust the expiry date accordingly to the prize you won. Regarding iPod, phones or cameras, I hope that all of you don’t feel getting ripped or anything bad, they are not scamming at the first place. We have to know that there are how many prepaid users in whole Australia ? Our percentage to win these BIG prize is not high and not easy.

    FREE credit/text/data will be much easier to win. Hope that this will correct the wrong thinking some of you might have. We have to know that, this contest they organize is a REWARD to the current prepaid users. Nobody force you to recharge as much as you can to win the prize, right ? You have to recharge anyway once your credit finish. All the best to you. Happy New Year!

  46. kahpeng says:

    jessica : Glad that you won yourself some prize and it brightens your day. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  47. kahpeng says:

    John : Congrats dude. $50 is good prize anyway but can you check your service balance and confirm the expiry date? Is it only 1 week ? Because for $50 FREE credit, I believe it should be at least 2 weeks or more. I have no friend won this type of prize before, so I’m not sure about it =D Thanks. Happy New Year!

  48. ash says:

    what is rev up?
    and how do i use it?

  49. kahpeng says:

    ash : I don’t know how or what is the good and correct explanation. But from what I know, Rev Up Bonus differ from Prepaid Money is:-
    Rev Up Bonus Credit = Credit you can spend for calls to anyone

    Prepaid Money = Credit you can spend ONLY for talk/text/MMS and/or video call to other Optus Prepaid & Boost Prepaid customers

    *Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. =D

  50. kahpeng says:

    Anyway to make things clearer, take a look at the screenshot where I won $30 Prepaid Money when I recharge last Saturday.

    Sorry, the image you see is from HTML version because my internet broadband quota is finish for peak time =D

    There is some misunderstand about the expiry date, at first I thought it will be only for 7 days to spend $30 but later when I checked my prepaid balance, it shows that I have 1 month before my $30 prepaid money I won expired. See the next picture:-

    Happy New Year 2008 everyone!

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  52. John says:

    It’s definitely 1 week. It’s called Rev Up Bonus.

  53. ssaarrraa says:


    i won 20 free messages… haha not that much but still.. im pumped ! lol good luck to everyone elsee. hope you all win tv’s …. lol

    xx much lov

  54. ssaarrraa =D says:

    i love pool partiieess. everybody recharge !! lol its worth it.. for a little priize =D

  55. ron hobbs says:

    I received the “you have won” message on my mobile 0438259003 but can make no sense of your website

    Is tiis because it is another waste of my time
    email me if it is not

  56. anthony says:

    i cant get in to the pool the door bell keeps on ringing the code is e_d4_8 please help it worked before

  57. JAne says:

    Dont go to this pool party go to the reel thing

  58. John says:

    Also, when I got my $50 credit, it paid for phone calls, SMS, MMS and GPRS. The only problem was, I bought a game on the net, and it charged my regular money, not the Rev Up money.

  59. Jack says:

    its been over 2 days since i recharged and i avent got my text your supposed to get it within 24 hours but i mean GOD its annoying i know its so small but i want what ever the prize is so ive been on hold for well over 4 hours but no i still havent got it

  60. Micah says:

    I was so happy when I won $30 pre-paid money from optus

  61. kahpeng says:

    John: Thanks for the info.

    ssaarrraa: Congrats for winning 20 free messages. Yeah any prize is better than none right ? =P

  62. kahpeng says:

    ron hobbs: I’m not sure what you try to explain but if you receive you have won any prize, this means you already submit the unique code at ? Only after the wombat jump into the pool and pick your prize, you click to collect your prize, the confirmation prize you have won will be send to your phone.

  63. kahpeng says:

    anthony: The unique code will only works for one time! I not sure what you trying to say when you said the code “worked before” ?? If you have any problems regarding your unique code, feel free to contact Optus. I am not affiliate with Optus so I don’t provide support for anything regarding the unique code you receive.

  64. kahpeng says:

    JAne: You mean the real party next to the pool? Where you have girls in bikini swimming and partying around? Hehe…

  65. Jacob says:

    I had won a recharge price, and when i go to To claim it, it is not coming up

  66. alex says:

    i cant get it

  67. Kirsty says:

    I have won free txts. i have also won free call credit to 5 nominated optus numbers. how do i nominate my optus numbers. Please help!!! Thanks

  68. maria says:

    Ive won a prize once, but all other prizes i cant get through to the claim plize section

  69. ben says:

    i won $50 credit :)

  70. lincoln says:

    i wow 1 tv

  71. michelle says:

    hi i have won many prizes but my latest one is data balance but i do not know wat thisis,please can someone tell me howi use this ,thanks

  72. Sami Shalom says:

    Never had trouble getting into the pool party before. Tried this time and just got the blog. What is going on and how does one just get to the pool party?


  73. John Kirby says:

    Please advise how I can enter my code Number

    John Kirby

  74. I won a prize for recharging

  75. I don,t know how can i put my code to win the prize.

  76. Tell me how to enter the prize

  77. did you fart says:

    you fart

  78. did you fart says:

    did you fart on a dog

  79. lincoln says:

    I won $25 . But when I call some phone .it charged my regular money, not the Rev Up money.When I call pre-pail optus number,it charged my regular free calltime, not the Rev Up money.How can I use this $25? I think maybe only can use this $25 untill I finish my credit.

  80. MELISSA says:


  81. MEL says:

    i hav $30 worth oy my time money but im not too sure how u work it ?do u hav to call sumone up or sumthink and wat is rev up data bal?? i hav no idea wat it is thanks

  82. Yeah its sick, i recharged 70$ as i wanted my phone unlocked and for an unlock code thats what they make you do. Anyway put that code in i recieved after recharging and won an ipod.. How good is that!

  83. ben says:

    i wow atv

  84. christie says:

    i won every time that i recharged first i won $25 credit then i won $50 data ctredit and then 60 text messages and i still have one more to collect i hope its something good.

  85. Markus says:

    hi guys,

    my price is “undefined”…
    After I click collect my price it asks me for a name and a passoword..

    what price is that ??

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  87. kahpeng says:

    Stacy just won the prize above 2nd last week before the promotions end!

    KoDoMo won the prize above few weeks ago, can’t remember when is the date =P

    I won the prize above on the very last day of Optus Always Win – Jump In The Pool – Prepaid Pool Party on 29th February.

  88. herwin adora says:

    how to gmy price

  89. Ashlee Higgins says:

    Hey, Is the optus thing still going? My internet is being a bitch and wont load :) Coz if it’s ended why are they still sending codes out? And the most i have ever won is $10 credit. GAY. Thanks x

  90. r skelton says:

    tried to get onto site but could not last week ;now trying again,finally got on and it’s closed. Can prize still be collected?

  91. Lesley Townsend says:

    On Wednesday 20th February 2008, I recharged my mobile and received a text to say I had won a prize. I went on line and entered YZR274 then jumped into the pool. I won a ring tone but it would not take my request for the ring tone. Can you please check on this and if you cannot give me a ring tone please credit me with text messages. I have already sent an email but have not had a reply. Thanking you

  92. holly says:

    when do i get my prize i reharged and it sent me a code which is WAW377 but it says that it has closed so wy did optus send me it for i want my prize!???????????

  93. kahpeng says:

    holly : What I mean that the promotion closed is the old promotion which is this page where you’re reading, the new promotion is going on, the same name, Optus Always Win but different event, this time is Prepaid Snow Party, you can read more about the new prizes and due dates here ->> Optus Always Win – Ride The Pipe – Prepaid Snow Party

  94. Mel says:

    That was a gr8 party, to be at!

  95. shell says:


  96. priyantha says:

    Hi , recharged my mobile & won a price form alwayswin but the site is nw closed. hw can i entitled for the win. ‘thanks priyantha.

  97. sun says:

    hey i just wanna know wat’s Rev-Up Bonus Credit n how 2 use it?~


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  100. Your text message of yesterday shows that I’ve won a prize. Could you please tell me how to claim this prize as I am having difficulty to claim online.


    Sebastian Fernandes

  101. myles says:

    i dont get it ???

  102. Bel says:

    Can anyone help me – I have a prepaid mobile with optus & recharged. The prize i won was $40 worth of data. I am not with optus home phone or internet so what do you do with $40 of the free data – I have no idea!

  103. alan walker says:

    youn buy a 30 dollar credit then enter optus alwayswin but can never get into prize area to enter code why

  104. DEBRA says:


  105. paige mcgrady says:

    i am lezo

  106. china wooooo MAN says:

    this is gay

  107. jessica says:

    i cant claim my prize and i have been trying for over three weeks

  108. Nina Knight says:

    I am quite happy with the service that i am getting and the free texting that i am recieving

  109. meron says:

    i recharge 50$ but i cant claim my prize b/c i delete my code. so what can i do?

  110. mmurphy says:

    I Recharged my mobile number removed tried to enter the code number removed and they keep telling me i have entered the wrong number

    * – mobile number and code number to protect user privacy
    [Admin] Try contact Pre-Paid Mobile Enquiries team on 1300 555 002 or send email to Optus by following the instructions:-
    1. Go to here.
    2. Click on “Personal” tab.
    3. Look for “Pre-Paid Mobile Enquiries” and click on “Email Us”.
    4. Follow the steps on the next screen.

  111. darren says:

    i cant get into the prize pool. i hv tried numerous times with no result. Whats with that is this just a rip off

  112. sarah93 says:

    i recharged $30 and optus sent me a message to say i had won but they didnt send me a code. this is the second time its happened so now i cant claim my prize. does anyone know why i didnt get a code or where i can get one??

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