Posted by kahpeng on 9th September 2009

09-09-09, 9th of September 2009

What are you doing today ? Any special plan ? I read a lot of tweets and news about people getting married on this special day. Hmmm…as for this site, I’ll be getting my hands back from 09-09-09, today onwards.

Previously, I have been living in hell, always had sleepless nights; busy looking for my right job. Travelling between states for interviews is very tiring and hectic for me. Can you imagine sitting inside bus for 4 hours early in the morning and then the same amount of time at night?

Finally I have been offered a job 2 days ago. I know this is kinda private matter so I will not disclose more about my job, but I just want to let me readers know that I have not abandon this site. Hope to see more updates coming later.

Lastly, Happy 09-09-09 to everyone!

P/S: I know today is not a festival but today is a special day where it only happens once every 1000 years ? (bad in maths)

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  1. Cool. So you have a new job now?! Congratulations! Your hard work and effort paid off. I can’t imagine myself sitting in the bus for 4 hours. That must be really tiring. I salute you for your partience. Good luck on your new job!

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