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Posted by kahpeng on 25th September 2011

McDonald’s Monopoly Singapore 2011 is back!

McDonald’s Monopoly Singapore

McDonald’s is back with it’s yearly Monopoly Game. This time round, we have 1 Volkswagen Touran, $80, 000 cash by Visa, 20 Macbook Air, 45 Flowriding at Wave House, 1 Dynasty Travel holiday to Prague, 1 Coca-Cola Holiday to Atlanta, 150x $200 Denizen vouchers and 200 movie cards up for grabs. So far, there’s 419 prizes unclaimed.
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Posted by kahpeng on 20th September 2011

Register .US domain names for only $1.99

Namecheap is having promotion for .US domain names where you can get for only $1.99 (first year). Don’t miss out if you’re interested to register. At the time of this article posted, the promotion code still valid. So, hurry now!
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Posted by kahpeng on 19th September 2011

Turn iOS to OS X Lion on your iPhone, iPad

Do you ever wish to have Mac OS X theme for your phone? Then your dream come true :) Now we can have modification to your iOS operating system to Mac OS X theme with functionality, not just purely wallpaper and icon theme. Please watch the video below to understand more on the functionality such as Launchpad, Finder menus, stacks and etc.

This modifications still in beta, and available only by donation of $3.50 to the developer. So, if you’re thinking to use this theme mod, consider donate for the developer’s effort on this project. If you have donated and still waiting for your theme, fear not, check out the reply from the developer below and don’t worry, only the response a bit slow. Continue Reading

Posted by kahpeng on 16th September 2011

AMD FX sets Guinness World Records for fastest CPU

AMD has just set another Guinness World Records using AMD FX CPU’s with overclocking it’s speed to a crazy 8.429GHz. This is a world record for fastest CPU, but to achieve this overclocking speed, you need a good and crazy cooling system using Helium liquid. It’s a nice achievement after all. The CPU was running at an icy cold -235 degrees C to achieve the record.

Remember to check out the video below, it’s interesting to see the preparation work for the demo. Continue Reading